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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about homeopathy and homeopathic treatment?
Here are some answers to common questions...

Frequently Asked Questions

Is homeopathy safe?
Yes, it is. Because the doses are so dilute, homeopathy is completely safe. It is the perfect choice for both the elderly and the very young, including pregnant women and newborn babies. It works in harmony with your body, supporting its own healing process.

How does homeopathy work?
Our bodies use the energy of our immune system to heal themselves. Homeopathy works through stimulating that energy, in harmony with your body, supporting its own healing. Rather than simply suppressing uncomfortable symptoms, homeopathy recognises that symptoms of illness are the body's attempt to heal itself, and works with them, gently correcting them.

What are remedies made of?
Homeopathic remedies are made from tiny amounts of natural substances from the plant, mineral or animal world. These substances are prepared under strict laboratory conditions in a special way to release their natural, medicinal properties. They are extremely dilute and because they work through energy, and not through material doses, they do not cause side effects and there is no risk of addiction.

What if I am taking other medicine from my doctor?
Homeopathy is usually safe to use alongside other medicines from your doctor or hospital, as it works on completely different principles - it's energy medicine. As your health improves with homeopathy, you may find that, with your doctor’s approval, you will be able to cut down on the amount of conventional medication you are using. However, you should not attempt to stop any medication prescribed by your doctor without consulting them first. This should be discussed at your appointment with me, and I can also write to your doctor if you wish.

What can homeopathy treat?
Homeopathy supports the whole person, so it can help a wide range of ailments, whether mental, emotional or physical, that make you feel unwell and limit your day-to-day life. You will find a short list of some of the more common complaints on the page "A homeopathic consultation".
Even if you don't have a diagnosis, homeopathy can help you because it looks at your symptoms and works with your body's energy to increase your well-being.

How quickly will I get better?
This depends on several things – how long you have had the problem, how far it has progressed, how well you respond to remedies and also your own lifestyle and general health. Homeopathy is not just a quick fix (although it can sometimes be amazingly fast) but rather a therapy which works thoroughly and deeply to improve every aspect of your health and restore a feeling of well-being.
Initially, consultations are initially around every six weeks, and then can be spaced out as needed.

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