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The Story of Homeopathy

How did homeopathy begin, and why is it so popular around the world?

The story of Homeopathy

Homeopathy started in a very small way, but over the past two centuries it has spread right around the world.
The story of the discovery of homeopathy started in Germany, in the 18th century. Samuel Hahnemann was a brilliant German doctor who became increasingly unhappy with the drastic methods used by his colleagues to treat illness, some of which caused great suffering in their patients. He decided to explore other, gentler ways of healing, and during his reading of medical texts, he became curious about the reason why quinine was such an effective drug for malaria. He started experimenting on himself at first by taking doses of quinine and when he began to produce symptoms that were identical to a bout of malaria, Hahnemann realised that quinine was an effective treatment for malaria precisely because it produced symptoms of malaria in a healthy person.
This discovery led him to postulate the law 'Like cures like', and he proceeded to investigate other substances and their similarity to certain disease symptoms.
At the same time, he began to use smaller and smaller doses of substances to try and find the smallest possible dose that would heal without harming the patient. To his surprise, he found that the smaller the dose, the more effective a drug became. Hahnemann combined these two ideas of 'like cures like' and 'the minimum dose' and homeopathy was born.

Hahnemann went on to develop homeopathy thoroughly and extensively, refining his remedies even further by a method known as 'sucussion', making copious notes on all his techniques and the remedies he researched, and developing a detailed philosophy of healing. He obtained wonderful results with his patients, and his successful methods became famous, gradually spreading round the world as people saw how well they worked. As homeopathy has spread over the centuries, an extensive library of medical books and research has also been developed, with contributions from many doctors, professors and lay homeopaths from around the world.

Today homeopathy is used in many European countries such as the UK, Switzerland, France, Germany and Holland, as well as in Russia, the US, Canada, Australia, South America and India. It continues to produce excellent results, with high patient satisfaction.

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